Dragonfly's Board of Directors

If you're considering volunteering on our Board of Directors, please contact us! We are always welcoming new Directors!

Volunteering on the PICCS Board can be a great way to get involved in children’s programs on the Pender Islands, and also meet new people in our friendly Board meetings.

The Pender Island Child Care Society is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board is made up of parents and community members working together with a common purpose: to offer high quality, local child care and community programs to the children and families of the Pender Islands.

The general responsibilities of a Board Member are to set the organization’s direction and policies, including its financial, program, and personnel policies. We are accountable to the Society’s members.

We ask Board Members to make specific commitments to the following areas:


  • Commitment by attending monthly meetings and lending a helping hand when needed
  • Cooperation within the Board
  • Competence ganined through a working knowledge of PICCS
  • Confidentiality

For further information on being a Board Member for PICCS, contact the Chairperson through the Dragonfly Centre by mail, email or phone.

As well, please read our Board Manual for an in-depth look at Board responsibilities.

Our Board Members

Matilda Te Hennepe

Matilda joined the Dragonfly Board in 2017, Matilda has one young child and lots of board/ volunteering experience!  We are lucky to have her on our team.

Pamela Wage

You will learn more about me soon!

Marie Anne Cloutier

You will learn more about me soon!

Cheryl Boland

Cheryl Boland joined the board of PICCS in 2005 and has held the positions of Secretary, Vice-Chair, Chairperson and Past- Chairperson and most recently shes back as Director. She has been very active on the Personnel Committee, using her wide experience with children to guide staff recruitment. She has been a strong advocate of the Child Care Centre and Family Resource Programs within the community.