Healthy Eating, Happy Kids: Talking to Kids About Food

By pamelawadge | Mon, 03/07/2022 - 12:30

Talking about food seems like a simple idea, something that you must be doing without even thinking. But its more foundational than we might think. Whether you have a picky eater or if your child loves to try new things how we talk about food to our kids matters. We are shaping their relationship with food everyday, both in our actions and our conversations. With this in mind we’re starting this series of posts to look more closely at how we can be conscious and intentional in our language around food, nutrition, and mealtimes. We’ll also share some easy, healthy kid friendly recipes.

Supporting Your Child Through Separation Anxiety At Childcare

By pamelawadge | Tue, 10/19/2021 - 11:55

Not all kids will experience separation anxiety but many kids will have that intense emotional response when the time comes to say goodbye to parents or caregivers. For those kids that experience separation anxiety it is a normal response that is part of their social and emotional development. As kids learn the skills to be independent at childcare, they build resiliency and confidence. But, knowing this doesn’t always help us when it comes to those fearful drop offs where we feel helpless and conflicted about saying goodbye.